All About Cold Pilgering Technology

What is Cold Pilgering Technology?

Cold Pilgering is used to produce a bigger cross sectional area into smaller one though gradual reduction by feeding the tube into a pair of dies which has got a tapered groove.

It is a kind of cold rolling where both diameter as well as thickness is reduced.


End result: Minimized Dimensional Pipes



Cold: Use of Heat is not observed

Pilgering: Reduction of Outside diameter

Technology: Technique and machine involved in the process


Before Cold Pilgering Process:

Cold Drawing Process:

The Pipes and tubes undergo Electric Resistance Welding in Tube mills and Surface Treatment Process.

  • Surface Treatment Process: It is a pickling process where the tubes are treated in water and solutions and finally dried up.

Pickling:  Water Wash  —> Phosphate Coating  —> Water Wash  —>  Hot water Wash  —> Metallic —> Soap Coating —> Drying



Hot Piercing Process


Pickling Tanks


What is the Cold Pilgering Process?

The process which uses tapered mandrel and ring dies to decrease the tube diameter or cross-sectional area by up to 90%. It reduces the wall thickness of the given pipe in one process step depending upon the type of tube material.


The process of Cold Pilgering Technology Diagram

The machine in which is carried out is called Pilger Mill or Machine.


Pilger Mill


Why Cold Pilgering Technology:


  1. Cost-effective and cost-cutting.
  2. The reduction of cross-sectional area is higher (up to 80%) in cold pilgering technology than that of cold drawing technology (30 to 35 %).
  3. At a time reduction of large dimension helps to limit process conversion costs and eradicates additional processes such as cleaning, pickling, cutting and straightening between the cold drawing operations.
  4. Similar or Homogenous tubes and pipes are produced substantially reducing eccentricity or improving the eccentricity.
  5. Improved roundness, smoothened surfaces of tubes and close dimensional tolerance
  6. Reduction in wall thickness as well as the size of the actual pipe.
  7. Stress developed during the process is dramatically reduced because of longitudinal and also circumferential deformation.
  8. Tensile force and pressure lead retainability from fractures or damages to the original as well as resulted pipes.
  9. Instant availability for application and shipment.


Application of Cold Pilgered Tubes:

The applications of Cold pilgered tubes can be immediately done. They are ready for finishing and shipment as early they are out of the mill with finalized finishing. For additional cold-working steps, the tubes undergo intermediate annealing.

  • Industries: Textile Machinery, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Dairy and Food Processing, Power Plants, Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, Sugar, Oil and Gas Processing, Water treatment facilities, Desalination, Synthetic Fibers, Pulp and Paper, Breweries, Ship Building, Refinery & Petrochemicals, Energy industries

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