Anti-Roll Bar/Stabilizer Bar Tubes

What is Anti-Roll Bar?

Definition: It is part of the suspension system which supports the body roll of a vehicle when it is cornering over fast or during road irregularities. It is also called as Stabilizer Bar because it stabilizes from the extreme body roll of the vehicle.

Further Understanding: An Anti-Roll Bar is an artificial feature of the suspension system or design and is found on about every modern car and many of classic old cars too. Until and unless a car meets an accident, these anti-roll bars are less likely requires replacement or repairing. But, eventually, the mounting bushes might require complete replacement if they damage or worn out. In case the car is driven above a certain speed which also varies in every car, centrifugal force makes mounting bushes lean outwards from the curve of its bend which results in a transference of weight that can cause a given degree of roll in the body of the car.

The function:  It stiffens the suspension which makes the vehicle less prone to thrilling body roll. An anti-roll or stabilizer bar is generally a steel torsion bar that has each end bent at an angle which varies from 60 to 90, depending upon the type of vehicle in which it is built-in. It is mounted diagonally in most of the designs that interconnect the lower suspension hands. As the outer suspension hands move upwards and the inner ones downwards, the stabilizer bar is placed under turning force.

The bar thickness determines the amount of resistance to vehicle body roll.

Use of tubular pipe as Anti-Roll bar:

MetaMorphosis Engitech India Private Limited manufactures ridged anti-roll or stabilizer bars from steel and a metal alloy which can connect either the front or the back suspension two strut towers together. This added rigidity lessens the aggregate of body roll (the feeling of being at one side of the car closer to the ground than another side) the car experiences when turning hard.



MEIPL make the Anti-Roll Bars from SAE 1541 steel and can achieve very high mechanical properties with minimum values of 900 MPa yield strength, 1000 MPa tensile strength, and 10% elongation. The Stabilizer Bars are methodically tested for their smooth and effective functioning and robustness as per Indian standards and also as global parameters. The tubes are completely shatterproof and are free from all kinds of corrosion/rust. These extra high tensile tubes are used in multiple cars and exported apart from the conventional Anti-Roll Bars used in the domestic market of relativity lower mechanical properties.

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