Emerging Technological Advancement In ERW Tube Manufacturing

Trends and technologies come and go in every field that exists across the world. Making life better and easier is one of the main motos of human existence. For such capacity, ability,and needs, even the welded tube manufacturing world has emerged with new technologies and methods.


Emerging Technologies and advancement in ERW tube manufacturing:


ERW tubes and pipes manufacturing has come a long way to match the seamless pipes. Now they assure the same quality, length,and strength at cost-effective prices.


From machines to processes everything in making has changed and also the output.Some of the advancements are as follows:


  • Raw materials:The very basic change is in utility and involvement of raw materials. The designing and composition of the steel are Steel with low carbon composition, low P and S and micro alloying are used for better yields and ERW pipes manufacturing.
  • Controlled Rolling Process:The controlled rolling process is similar to the hot-rolling It is applied to make low alloy steel pipes with the compositions that are carefully chosen to provide optimum properties after the hot deformation is finished. In this process, the amount of heat in each pass is predetermined with defined finishing temperature, thus, known as a controlled rolling process.
  • Cold rolling process:Cold rolling is often done at room temperature. It has the added work effect of hardening and strengthening the material and hence improving steel pipes’ mechanical properties. It also improvises the surface finish and increases tolerances.
  • Advanced finishing:Drawn Over Mandrel is an advanced finishing technology used to give an end touch to ERW pipes. This process is induced in the ERW manufacturing mills itself. Welding leaves back the spots (known as ‘seam’ in pipe industry), on the conjunction points in ERW manufactured pipes. To clear those spots and give end result unlike Seamless Tubes and Pipes, Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM) is necessary. Click here  to understand more about DOM.
  • Larger diameter ERW pipes:With the benefits of precision welding technologies and processes, the welding lines on ERW steel tubing are now produced in a more accurate, consistent and reliably stronger way. This has dramatically amplified the number of applications and fields they can be applied or used in. It also offers the advantages of what can be achieved with ERW production, including minor and more precise diameter tolerance and faster manufacturing.
  • Seamless ERW pipes:The mentioned above processes and applications has led ERW pipes identical to seamless pipes. With same finishing touch, no welding seams and same quality, they are now available to use in a wide range of industries and much more same fields.
  • Improved Appearance as well as applications:The technology has advanced and made possible for ERW pipes to appear better and also improved in the number of applications they can be used.


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