Emerging Trends In Precision Welded Tube Manufacturing


Trends and technologies come and go in every field that exists across the world. Making life better and easier is one of the main mottos of human existence. For such capacity, ability and needs, even the welded tube manufacturing world has emerged with new technologies and methods.

Market Observation

Upsurge demand for ERW tubes and pipes in the automotive field and broad utilization of tubes and pipes in the building and development industry are factors driving the Precision Welded tubes market. This is inciting the organizations and companies to expand the generation of welded tubes. Furthermore, stress-free accessibility of crude materials is foreseen to support the interest for Welded tubes in the near future.

The worldwide market of Precision Welded tubes is seeing innovative headways. Organizations are always endeavoring to grow new and better with flawless approaches to produce them. Advancement of new production procedures of precision welded tubes and applications is assessed to boost the market.

Nonetheless, the danger of substitution from seamless pipes is anticipated to hamper the precision welded tubes market.

In light of material, the Precision welded tubes or welded tubes market can be separated into steel, copper and composites, nickel and compounds, and others. The steel section of the tubes market is foreseen to grow at a noteworthy pace attributable to the expansion demand from rising economies, for example, India and China.

As far as application, the ERW precision tube market can be isolated into oil and gas, framework and development, control age, car, designing, and others. The oil and gas companies showcase is foreseen to extend at an impressive pace because of the demand for these tubes in up and coming oil and gas companies across the globe.

This study above is based on certain factors that are:

  • Market fragments and sub-sections
  • Market patterns and elements
  • Demand and supply
  • Market estimate
  • Current patterns/openings/challenges
  • Focused scenes
  • Technological breakthroughs
  • Value chain and stakeholder study

Precision Welded Tube Manufacturing Technologies:

  • GMAW: The current, most normal strategy for interfacing pipelines is gas metal arc welding (GMAW). With this technique, an electric arc is manufactured that separates the piece(s) of metal to be welded and a wire cathode.


The outcome is an extraordinary heat source that melts and welds the metal. The welding weapon likewise creates a gas that shields the procedure from tainting.


  • Beam Welding: Presently, power beam welding is observing more development than one-shot techniques due to the fewer problems to overcome during or after manufacturing. When it comes to maximizing productivity, the consideration has always been centered on one-shot welding.


With this technique, the welding time is petite than GMAW. The issues with one-shot techniques arise because multi-head and multi-pass welding is not possible with this method, whereas it is with beam welding


  • MAG: The welding procedure used to create on-site pipeline girth welds has an important bearing on the full cost. Current practice is to use mechanized metal active gas (MAG) welding.


However, this progression requires a high operating level and the costs of providing this and the essential support in remote regions are a noteworthy part of the overall costs. Recent expansions to improve productivity comprise the use of novel tandem MIG tools and also a transformed interest is spirally welded pipe.


  • Fibre Laser arc welding: Laser welding, and in specific fiber-delivered laser welding, has now been industrialized to a stage where it offers opportunities for cost savings, which arise from diminutions in labor content, despite apparent high capital costs. It has been verified that the notion of high-power laser welding of land pipelines is entirely viable.


Welding procedures have been advanced that produce good quality and precision welds for pipes with acceptable tolerance to joint fit-up. Additionally, methods have been developed for welding around 360° and for ensuring a moral weld at the start or stop weld overlap position.


  • SMAW: Usually referred to as stick welding, SMAW (shielded metal arc welding) creates heat from an electric arc that is maintained amid the tip of a flux-covered electrode and the surface of the base metal. The electrode contains a solid metal core covered by a blend of mineral and metallic compounds.


The configuration of the coating is reliant on the type of electrode and welding polarisation. Its functions are – shielding the weld pool, providing a fluxing action to eliminate impurities from the weld deposit and by supervising the weld deposit chemistry, providing the preferred weld mechanical properties.


SMAW can be accomplished in areas of limited access and in all positions. It is a viable process for joining most of the metals and alloys, and the tools needed is both portable and low in cost.


  • Automatic Welding Mills: Tube mills produce pipe and tube by taking an unremitting strip of material or metal and continuously roll-forming until the edges of the sheet join together at a weld station. At this point, the welding procedure melts and fuses the edges of the tube together and that results from the welding mill as a precision welded tube.


Welded pipes are tubular pipes that have welded crease over their length. Electric Resistance welding (ERW) is one of the numerous procedures of assembling welded metal tubes. This procedure is utilized to make pipes and cylinders with a lower wall thickness.


In ERW, a level piece of the metal is sent through a progression of rollers to mold them in a round and hollow shape. This barrel-shaped formed pipe is then welded by passing a high recurrence electric current between the edges and driving them together to make a bond. These pipes are utilized in different applications in ventures, for example, building and development, car, and oil and gas.


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