High Precision Cold Drawn Tubes With Close Tolerances

With different shapes, grades, diameters, and specifications, perfect and desirable products can be achieved with advanced technologies in use with steel. This exclusive capacity of steel makes it highly adaptive and worth it. Use of steel thus is made in pipes and tubular pipes. There are variations in steel pipes and also variations in how they are manufactured, processed, and finished. This has made it possible for multiple industries like construction, appliance manufacturing, vehicles, mining, etc. to apply them for their use in their factories or outlets.

High Precision Cold Drawn Tubes of Steelis one of such kind of variations that highly in demand in the market since their existence. Their unique properties have made them stand at the significant position and in demand in the market of steel pipes today.


  • What is Precision Cold Drawing Process?

Cold Drawing is the process of reducing the cross-sectional diameter of steel tubes or pipes by drawing through smaller dies without previously heating the steel and thereby increasing its tensile strength. It is also termed as Cold Rolling Process.


  • How is it different?

Cold Drawing Process uses no heat to manufacture the steel tubes that undergo a cold treatment of mold and formation. To achieve special characteristics and close tolerances, this process adds advantages over other processes. Not only the manufacturing techniques but even the finishing techniques are different which are successfully only achieved under cold temperatures and never at hot temperatures.

The whole process might be dependent upon the desired end product but the basic technique used to roll or draw the steel into tubes is Cold temperature rolling process.


  • The process of manufacturing Precision Cold Drawn tubes:


  1. Raw material i.e. steel plates or coils are inspected, straightened and are now ready to turn into pipes
  2. The welding process is carried out to join two ends of the straightened steel plate. This stage is called as electric resistance welding.
  • Piercing and pickling are done after steels ends are joined in a round shape. This allows for steel alloying. Pickling is an instance of processing the steel pipes in a solution.
  1. To change the chemical properties of the pipes, they can undergo Phosphorylation.
  2. After this, they undergo Cold Drawing Process for expanding the pipes’ length and strength in the exposure of cold temperatures.
  3. These pipes then undergo finishing processes as the part of manufacturing termed as DOM (Drawn over Mandrel) to give a complete finishing touch.
  • Pipe cutting: After Cold Rolling or Drawing and ultimate finishing these tubes are cut into desired lengths.
  • The final product: The steel pipes with great mechanical, chemical and physical properties and high precision are now ready for their application.


  • Properties of Cold Drawing Processed Steel tubes:


  1. Highly Précised: High quality and highly précised tubes are acquired as per customer’s requirements.
  2. Corrosion Resistant: These steel pipes are capable to prevent themselves even in moisture to resist rusting.
  • Sustainable: They withstand the harsh environment and climates and retain their original properties.
  1. Durable: With comparison to other processes used to make pipes, this process can make durable pipes that stay as new for longer times, serving a better life.
  2. High Surface quality: As we have learned before that they are first heated, rolled and then cooled in pickling. Later again re-rolling is done in cold temperatures. This complete process enables the steel pipes to attain high surface qualities and précised dimensions.
  3. Close tolerance is achieved as the most important physical property.
  • Similar to seamless pipes, these pipes after going DOM process appear same like seamless pipes. The DOM process allows complete spot removal and hence a fine appearance steel product.


About us: MEIPL is a leading supplier of Cold Drawn Welded Pipes in India. We specialize in the production of tubular pipes for industrial as well as factories application which require close tolerances, superior surfaces, finish,and enhanced mechanical properties. We have a range of mills and transportation services directly from our outlet to the location. The Cold Drawing process is used to make steel tubes and tubular pipes in our factories for stretching of the Metal sheet with tensile forces to make it desirably thinner and with particular thickness. We consider customization and our clients’ requirement.

Capacity: 2500 MT, 10 Draw Benches covering from 9 mm to 90 mm OD and 1.2 to 6 mm Wall Thickness.

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