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Export Sales Manager

Experience : 5-8 year

Location : Pune

Export Sales Manager Education and Qualifications
  • Graduate Engineer + MBA degree in marketing (BE Mechanical is preferred)
  • 5-8 years of experience in sales operations, preferably in export import operations.
  • Preferably Married Female Candidate. 
Key Responsibilities of an Export Sales Manager
  1. To identify new business opportunities by tapping the potential customers from different countries
  2. To plan, design, develop and implement different sales activities by researching the customer’s needs and requirements
  3. To make sure that the existing clients are retained and maintained while developing the new customers
  4. To ensure that the all the sales and marketing activities are carried out within the agreed budgets, volume, sales, and within the given time scales
  5. To take initiative and efforts to develop constructive and effective solutions to any issues that slow down or hamper the export procedures and activities
  6. To constantly review distributor’s performance if assigned and monitor their work, so that relevant information can be provided to the management
  7. Analyse all market intelligence reports and identify all new business opportunities to expand business and maintain an efficient portfolio for same.
  8. Work to develop new business and growth opportunities and manage volumes and margins to generate efficiency for manufacturing and margins for earnings
  9. Provide leadership and guidance to your customer service, planning and logistics teams to ensure that customers receive their appropriate shipments
  10. Serve as a first contact for international clients
  11. Utilize in-depth industry knowledge to build credibility and become a trusted advisor with customers both domestically and abroad
  12. Knowledge of the details of the export business to ensure that government policies, labelling systems, transportation and payment laws are followed
  13. Negotiate and monitor export rates and services to reduce operating costs and increase profitability
  14. Respond promptly to customer complaints and look to find winning solutions
  15. Good knowledge about INCO terms
Export Sales Manager Skills and Specifications
  • Must have excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Must have sufficient understanding of the country’s export laws and the import laws of their countries dealt with.
  • Must have strong organizational, supervisory and managerial skills.
  • Knowledge of global market specially in tube industry & understand the global delivery system.