Drawn over Mandrel (DOM)/ Cold Drawn Electric Welded (CDW)

At MEIPL, we produce CEW/ DOM tubes using high-grade steel (removed high precise produce – need to confirm) that seeks application in products like Bobbin, Hydraulic cylinder, High-pressure applications as in Boilers for Power & Energy, and Front Fork for Auto Industry. With an installed capacity of 3000 MT/Month, we utilize 7 Draw Benches & 42 Pilger machines covering the range from 9 mm to 120 mm of OD within the thickness band ranging from 1 mm to 8.5 mm, MEIPL assures delivery of the high-quality product.

Also, with immense pleasure, we convey that, MEIPL is a first-class company in the precision welded steel tube industry to implement Cold Pilger technology for manufacturing DOM tubes.

This benefits of utilizing CEW/DOM tubes are: 


Size Range and wall thickness OD 8mm to 0D 101mm
WT 1mm to 8.5mm
Geometry Circular, Lemon Profile, Triangular Profile, Oval
Steel Low Carbon, High Strength Low Alloy, SAE 1020, 1026, 1045, 1541 and Special Steels 26MnB5, 34MNB5 Steel
Mechanical Properties Min TS 17 kg/mm2
Max TS 100 kg/mm2
Min Elongation 15% as drawn
Min Elongation 30% as annealed
Finish ID Ra 0.4 Microns Max
Standard tolerance and also other customer specific tolerance
OD +/-0.05mm
WT +/-0.05mm
Specification ASTM, DIN, EN, JIS, IS
Application Hydraulic Cylinder
Propeller Shaft
Axle Shaft/Rear Twist Beam
Stabilizer Bars
Tie Rods/Drag Links
Cardan Shafts
Engine Parts
Rocker Arm Shafts
Telescopic Front Fork Tubes
Cam Shafts
Exhaust Systems
Push Rod
Bi-Metal Tubes CSS+MS
Bearing Spacers

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