Drawn Over Mandrel Tubes and its Application

What is Drawn Over Mandrel Tubes?

Drawn over mandrel tubes popularly known as DOM Tubes in the industry; it is a cold drawn electric resistance welded tube with all the flash removed before the cold drawing process. 

We manufacture the DOM tubes with a wide range of sizes available to meet the customer’s expectations. We offer different OD & ID tolerances. In comparison to other pipes, these pipes tend to produce exact OD & Tolerances along with the highest welding strength. 

These tubes are the best choice because of the wide range of static & dynamic applications such as gas springs, shock absorbers, telescopic cylinders, axels, and much more. These tubes are versatile; that’s the reason behind the huge demand for them. 

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process for DOM starts with the coil of steel slit to the desired width of the tube, followed by the electrical resistance pressure used to join the edges. Once the ends are joint; the tube achieves the shape it undergoes the test of welding integrity, then the tube is cut for further processing. The cold-drawing process makes the surface of the tube uniform with precision, improved tolerances, high tensile strength, increased hardness, and increased machinability. Once this process is complete, the tube is cleaned & annealed, the end of each side is squeezed to be gripped by the drawing mechanism. As mentioned above, drawing increases the tube’s concentricity, tensile strength, machinability. It enhances the overall properties of the tube. 

Benefits of Drawn Over Mandrel Tubes 

Drawn over mandrel tubes have numerous benefits due to their versatile properties; we are going to list down all of them. 

1) Cost-effectiveness 

There’s no doubt that these tubes are very much economical as compared to seamless tubes. The reason being close tolerances allows DOM to be utilized for mechanical parts with no downstream processing. It makes these tubes the first preference for various industrial use. 

2) Strength

Drawn over mandrel tubes are extremely sturdy as they can even withstand the toughest conditions. They yield high tensile strength which makes them the best option available for numerous applications. 

3) Uniformity

The greatest advantage of using DOM tubes is that they have uniform wall thickness & concentricity. They have close OD & Tolerances resulting in uniform mechanical properties. They also have a uniform grain structure as well as hardness that makes these pipes favorable for rough weather conditions. 

4) Wide range of sizes

These tubes can be manufactured in any size desired according to the requirement. There can be almost infinite sizes of OD & wall thickness available in the market; which makes it easy for customization according to the customer’s need. 

5) Machinability 

These tubes have excellent machinability characteristics, resulting in a great surface finish. The surface of these tubes is free of oxide due to which they have a smooth surface finish. 

Applications of Drawn Over Mandrel Tubes

DOM tubes are cost-efficient and have an amazingly smooth surface that makes them the best in the industry. The high weight-to-strength tubes are used in axels, steering columns, airbag inflators, power seat mechanism, engine mounts, fuel rails, and much more. It’s not limited to the automobile industry but experts believe that it is the best choice for rollover cages as well. 

These tubes are also used in the construction industry for making augers, chassis, and crane boom lacings. Surprisingly these tubes are also used in the energy industry for making solar brackets and wind turbines. DOM pipes hold the potential of converting all the demands that you envision into reality. 

We are going to list down all the important applications down below- 

1) Construction Industry 

Many types of equipment in the construction industry are made of DOM tubes like- Augers, Chassis, Shafts, Struts, Crane Boom, and Handrails. 

2) Agriculture

DOM tubes are utilized in the agriculture industry as well. Many applications like- hydraulic cylinders, machinery frames, spacers, bushings, booms, and much more are made using these tubes. 

3) Machinery

These pipes also play a major role in the machinery industry; it is used to make the hydraulic components, frames, industrial lift components, tool extensions, and much more. 

4) Energy

The wind turbine, solar brackets, plant equipment, and many other things are made using these DOM tubes. Hence it plays a crucial part in the energy industry as well.  

5) Fabrication

There are many areas in fabrication where DOM tubes comes into play; it is used for telescopic purposes, paper, textile, and mill rolls. 

6) Automotive & Transportation

DOM tubes play a major role in the automotive & transportation industry as many types of equipment are made using them. A huge range of products like- Chassis tubes, axels, roll cages, camshaft tubes, dampeners, gas springs, headrests, shock absorbers, steering, struts, and much more. 


As mentioned above, DOM tubes are versatile; they are the first choice for industrial use. At Meta Engitech, we manufacture premium quality DOM tubes with exceptional surface dimensions and different OD & Tolerances. Meta Engitech incorporate international quality standards to ensure that we deliver the best to our customers. We use the value-analysis & value-engineering approach to add value to the product we make, as we strive to be the best manufactures of tubular products. We work closely with our customers & we customize these tubes according to their requirements.