At Meta Engitech, we have designed a framework that allows us to manage affairs of our company in a transparent manner in order to maximise its long-term value, for the benefit of its shareholders and all other stakeholders. We believe in following a system that promotes fairness, equity, transparency, accountability and respect for laws. This provides a structure that works for the benefit of everyone concerned and imbibes the basic business ethics and values that need to be adhered to in letter and spirit. A transparent, ethical and responsible corporate governance framework essentially emanates from the intrinsic will and passion for good governance ingrained in the culture of the organisation.

The Framework


Engaging a diverse and highly experienced Board of Directors, with expertise in the industry, finance, management and the law.


Deploying well-defined governance structures that establish checks and balances and delegates decision making to appropriate levels in the organisation.


Adoption of transparent and robust systems, processes, policies and procedures.


Making high levels of disclosures for the dissemination of corporate, financial and operational information to all its stakeholders.


Having robust systems and processes to ensure full and timely compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.