Mechanical Tubing

General engineering: In technical terms, a tube or pipe is a cylindrical, hard hollow body which usually has a round cross-section but can also be oval, square, rectangular or more complex in profile used for fluid transport, structural applications, or electrical sheathing steel tubes used for moving fluids (liquids or gases) or to protect electrical or optical cables and wires.

    Application Of General engineering

  • Mechanical tubing: Mechanical tubing is applied to hydraulic and pneumatic systems, landing gear, and structural components. Energy– In renewables, it's used in wind turbine and solar system structures in oil and gas, it's used for drilling components and oilfield equipment.
  • Bobbin case: holds the bobbin securely in place while the sewing machine creates stitches. It helps regulate the thread as it passes through the bobbin and provides a smooth surface for the thread to pass over as it feeds into the needle, which helps prevent tangles and knots.
  • Buildings and Infrastructure: make construction-related tools including shelves, ladders and worktables.
  • Tools & Dies: Fitting tools and accessories for a variety of tubing materials and applications; includes ties, sinkers, plastic tubing cutters, glass tubing cutters, delivery nozzles, holders, ID/OD gauges, and joint clips.
  • Structural components: Structural tube is often referred to as hollow structural sections or HSS.
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