Door Intrusion Beam/Side Impact Beam

Available in HSLA(High Strength Low Alloy) Steel with better formability & Strength with conformance to global manufacturing standard. The door intrusion beam is important because it provides occupant protection in a side-impact collision.

If the intrusion beam is damaged in any way, it must be replaced. It should not be straightened. The door intrusion beam may be attached to brackets on the door shell. Damaged parts that attach to the door intrusion beam should not be straightened.

A bolt-on door intrusion beam can typically be replaced separately. A damaged weld-on door intrusion beam requires replacement of the door shell.

door-intrusion Image

Straightening or repairing a door intrusion beam or its mounting locations could compromise the occupants safety within the passenger compartment.

Side impact door beams can be made of steel or aluminium. Steel automotive side impact beams are used in midsize vehicles to offer a more stable frame to the vehicle. Heavier cars also use more fuel to operate and are therefore fitted with aluminium automotive side impact beams. Aluminium automotive side impact beams offer a similar level of safety with less weight, thereby making the vehicle more fuel efficient and light weight.